Patan Durbar Square - Thomas L. Kelly

Shelter and Sanctuary-New Himalayan Design

(Left Image)
Only Maitrey Buddha (left) and Bodhisattva Vajrapani (right) can be named. Two of the figures among the five images composition (center), hold khukuris, the traditional all-purpose Nepalese knife, and one balances a gun on his shoulder.

(Center Image)
A Group of Puzzling Images
So far none of the images in this case can be identified with any certainty as to exact origin or date.
It is probable that all these images were made recently in the Nepalese hill regions by blacksmiths known as Kami, an occupational caste group settled near many hill communities.

(Right Image)
These four standing images appear to represent the same unknown deity. All four are crudely cast, wear a multi-pointed crown, and brandish weapons, their bodies are covered with small lumps and all exhibit a large, flat shiny navel, perhaps polished in the course of worship.

Patan Museum at Patan Durbar Square. Patan, Nepal.

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