Patan Durbar Square - Thomas L. Kelly

Shelter and Sanctuary-New Himalayan Design

This gallery is dedicated to Hindu Lord Vishnu also exhibits some of the royal paraphernalia of the former kings of Patan-believed to be incarnations of Vishnu.
Stone sculptures are left uncased, inviting a reverential touch by the hand. The one in the foreground deliberately blocks the long vista behind, withholding for a few further steps the surprise view of the Malla throne at the far end. Discernible on the wall in the left background is a pair of ceremonial staffs, sheathed in embossed silver. And angled mirror above them enables a convenient of their top.
(CLAIRE'S: Colors used within the museum are monochrome. The warm wall color blends with terracotta tiles and timber elements.)
Patan Museum at Patan Durbar Square. Patan, Nepal.

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