Patan Durbar Square - Thomas L. Kelly

Sundari chok, in Patan's Darbar Square, was once the family residence of the Mallla King Siddhinarshigha. Tusa Hiti, the exttraordinary-worshipping bath, is in the center of the square. The octagonal form of this tank accommodates the eight Nagas, rain goddesses. Lining in the interior of the bath arfe many stone deities, including the Asta Matrika, Asta Bhairab and Asta Nagas. The glided water spout shows Lord Vishnu and his wife, Laxmi, seated on their mount, the flying Garuda. Below the spout are aquatic animals, the fish, turtle, and crocodile, all representing the water, which falls from a conch shell. At the entrance to the bath is a stone slab where the King would sit, making offerings to all his favorites gods.
Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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