Film Production - Thomas L. Kelly
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Living Prayer - Buddhism

Living Prayer - Buddhism
Axis Mundi Foundation

Researcher, scriptwriter, local producer, organised shoots in Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, India.

Living Prayer is a noncommercial ten year film project sponsored by the Axis Mundi Foundation of Switzerland and Paris exploring the experience of prayer in different traditions. Their intention is to distribute this series to religion departments in universities and to those involved in the project to informally disseminate to those they choose. This project is seen as a spiritual archive of living masters in different traditions, providing a sense of the "profound taste" of the experience of ripened prayer. That beyond teachings and more akin to what is experienced in prayer. Their approach is more poetic and evocative, experiential rather than teaching or philosophical as they seek to understand the path of prayer in different traditions

The filmmaker is 80 year old JeanClaude Lubtchansky who works with his son, Michel.

Living Prayer Buddhism film is structured upon the experience of the 3 jewels with part 1 the Buddha, part 11 the dharma, Part 111 the sangha, while simultaneously developing from foundation practices and the role of the lama in part 1, to complex ritual, art, dance and visualization practices in part 11 with exploration of yidam, to khandro in part 111, where scaffolding of practice is taken away, with a more spacious approach towards perception after years along the path of purification.