Film Production - Thomas L. Kelly
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Millennium - Tribal Wisdom And The Modern World

Millennium - Tribal Wisdom And The Modern World
The Ten-Part BBC Television Series

Location film producer, manager and stills photographer for ten-part PBS/BBC TV series: Millennium: Tribal Wisdom & the Modern World, in the Brazilian & Colombian Amazon, and Kenya.

The ten-part BBC television series is a series of video programs by Harvard anthropologist David Maybury-Lewis. The 1992 documentary series was presented as 10 video programs, each 60 minutes long, and was released on VHS after being aired on public television. The series was designed to stimulate reflection and inspire a new look at what the modern world can learn from tribal societies as the millennium approached.

The documentary explores the values and different world perspectives that hold many tribal societies together. It presents tribal peoples in the dignity of their own homes and captures their customs and ceremonies with extraordinary photography.

The shock of the other
Strange relations
Mistaken identity
An Ecology of mind
The art of living
Touching the timeless
A poor man shames us all
Inventing reality
The tightrope of power
At the threshold